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Until we awaken our Internal Perfection we vainly seek to affirm our self through external means. This is the cause of much of the disappointment and depression that so many people experience throughout their lives. To discover our I AM Energy is to discover who we truly are, who we always have been, hidden beneath the toxicity caused by choices we made, consciously or unconsciously, prior to today.

In the absence of discovering our I AM Energy we look outside ourselves for our love, our value, our safety, and our freedom. Finding our Internal Perfection is like the Hubble Telescope finding a nebula--easy once you have the right tools and know what to look for. All we have to do is remove all the layers of conditioning so that we can see our magnificent beauty--and that’s exactly what this book is meant to achieve. So open up the cover of Internal Perfection. Fasten your seatbelt and join me on the ride of a lifetime, as you experience, like I did, what it is like to be “Free to Be Me”.

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“My identity for 37 years was seeing my brother killed in front of me. After 50 minutes with Donn my whole life transformed and I am free. All I see of my brother now is his beautiful smile.”
— Valeria Shupe, mother of three

“Donn opened me up to the realization that there is zero need for injury, sickness, disease, or pain of any kind. When you stand in your Internal Perfection you are in harmony with the Universe and you have fluidity of movement in your body, which is free of the constrictions that cause them.”
— Mike Janyk, World Cup skier

“The human spirit has a great capacity to rise above the trials and tribulations of life and to transform our existence to the world of peace and prosperity we all dream of. This is what Donn’s program is all about, one piece of Internal Perfection at a time.”
— Don Morrison, former COO of RIM


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